The company

Year of foundation: 2011
Managing Director: Dr.-Ing. Heinz Lorson
Headquarters: Friedenstraße 18, 81671 Munich
Object of the company: Planning, construction and operation of energy and environmental engineering systems

Excerpt from the list of references for SPS Energie GmbH (national – international)

- Coordination of the approval process for a 1,200 MW gas-fired combined-cycle power plant
- Planning of PV systems
- Process engineering planning for a power-to-gas plant
- Planning of waste-gas heat exchangers
- Concept study for a co-generation plant
- Refurbishment of a gas turbine power plant
- Feasibility study slag transport

- Project control waste incineration plant

- Due Diligence waste incineration plant

- General planning for a small waste incineration plant
- Feasibility study for decentralized thermal waste disposal

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